Friday, October 16, 2009

Comments on Feedback

As webmaster of it is heartening to receive the feedback on the surveys.  It is nice to hear that the site has helped some visitors.  If the site has not helped, it was useful to bring to the attention of the webmaster as areas to be covered in the future.

There are several categories of comments, which will be addressed generally:
1) The survey popped up before the site could be visited.
2) The site is not user friendly.
3) Site location information is focused on Santa Clara County and California rather than all the states in the U.S.
4) The site does not provide answers to tax questions.
5) Contact information for the particular problem is not available.
6) Requirements and steps to become a volunteer are not clearly spelt out.
7) The site does not look pretty or professional.

The comments posted are quoted in their entirety;  surveys without comments are not posted.

This is a summary posting.  Specific questions and additional details will be provided later.

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