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5/19/2009 13:18: no record of return

5/19/2009 13:18
Find contact information

I'm Matthew xxxxx, and I had my taxes done this year with VITA in Bangor Washington..  Because of my job in the Navy, I left soon after.  I would like to know how I can contact those VITA personal so that I can gain my TAX results/information.  I've called the IRS and they say, no record of my return can be found.
This is my first visit ever
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Dear visitor at 13:18,
Sorry you could not find the contact information for getting information about your taxes.  This site is set up for volunteers interested in helping provide the services.  However, having said that, here are some possible suggestions on how to get the results you want.  It appears that you worked with a VITA site to start the return.  It is not clear if the return was filed.  If you remember signing the paper copy of the your return, then one of two things may have happened: the IRS may have received it, in which case you should be able to get a tax transcript from the IRS.  If the IRS never received it, then your return was not filed.
On the other hand, if you gave a signed authorization by means of a signed 8879 for the site to electronically file the return, then a copy of that form would provide the Declaration Control Number (DCN) which can be used to trace the return status.  If you did not remember authorizing the electronic filing, then it is likely that it was not filed.
As I read your comment again, it is not clear if the return was filed but you did not know if it was accepted, or if you did not receive your refund, or if you want a copy of your return, or if your return was ever filed in the first place.

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