Monday, October 5, 2009

5/1/2009 18:11:

5/1/2009 18:11: could not find local office or number
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Could not find a local office and number and what services were available.  Reach someone on a number who referred me to someone else who then was unavailable to take my call.  Left a message but no return call was made.  I need to start all over again with my urgent tax oproblem.  Since it was Friday, I'll have to wait until Monday I think.  Some links lead me to sites that had nothing to do with what I wanted.
This is my first visit ever
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Dear visitor at 18:11
Sorry you could not find the information you wanted.  The information you are looking for is not easily available in one spot, and does require going through the toll-free 800 number of the IRS to get what might be a definitive answer.  This modest website has no special connection to that information beyond what is already available on the website and the world wide web.  Also, the main tax season for 2008 is was pretty much over in mid-April, so many of the sites that could help you are closed until next year.

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