Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/19/2009 11:05: is this official site for VITA?

11/19/2009 11:05
Learn about services
Is this the oficial site for VITA or just for a certain region. 

This is my first visit ever
Search engine result

Dear visitor at 11:05
Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback.  I am sorry that although you accomplished the purpose of your visit to learn about services it was not very satisfactory.  As for whether it is an official site for VITA or just for a certain region, the answer within the footer of each page may not be totally clear.  The site is not an official site for VITA – the official site for VITA is http;//  As to whether it is for a certain region, please note that it was created by a volunteer in Santa Clara County, Ca for that county.  Since others visited the site, additional information for other regions were added as they became available, but since I do not have the clout to require other sites/counties/regions to provide the information, I can only include information available on the internet, or if site coordinators or SPEC Relationship managers provide the information.

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